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Computer Systems Performance Engineering Laboratory

Perf-lab (Computer Systems Performance Engineering Laboratory) studies performance of any platforms of computers from ultra high-speed supercomputers to extreme low-power mobile devices based on scientific and engineering approaches. Currently, many deep learning programs, which become a typical component for AI-based applications, has struggled with lack of performance even if it is implemented on the state-of-the-art CPUs or GPUs. Therefore, techniques that realize high-performance and high-efficiency computer systems are expected to be an enabler of emerging new AI applications such as self-driving cars and autonomous intelligent robots. In the context of system performance matter, we highlight specialization for inherent memory access locality which will be a clue to its solution.

Perf-lab was established since 2018 at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology as a laboratory belonging to the group “Computer and Mathematical Sciences”.



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